Benefits of Aluminium Windows in 2022

Here at SCI Windows, we supply and fit contemporary aluminium windows that come in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs to suit almost any property. Let’s get into the many benefits of aluminium windows and answer the question of why aluminium windows are the best option for your home.

Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular among our clients. It’s clear to see why when you do some digging into the many advantages they offer.

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If you care for your aluminium windows correctly, then they can last a lifetime. Due to aluminium having better weather resistance than PVCu or timber, they are much less likely to warp or crack due to the external conditions.

It’s also important to note how dense aluminium is. It has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, making it much harder to dent or damage.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium windows have outstanding thermal efficiency. These help retain natural warmth in your home, whilst also keeping the cold out. This has the potential to save you huge amounts of money during the colder months, as you’ll be reaching for the thermostat less. Another thing to consider is that on the rare occasion you have to take advantage of your central heating, the time it’ll take for your house to heat up will be less, saving you even more money.

The introduction of high-quality windows will keep your living space comfortable for you and your family this winter.

Cost Effective

Yes, at face value, PVCu windows are the cheaper option. However, looking at the bigger picture, aluminium is the much more cost-effective option due to their longer lifespan. Paying a small premium for a higher quality product that will last longer is financially wise, as it means you won’t have to replace them as frequently.

On the flip side, aluminium windows are much more affordable than wood frames such as timber. Additionally, these timber frames will require huge amounts of maintenance in comparison to aluminium.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your aluminium windows is incredibly easy. Due to their durable properties, all they need is a quick wipe with soapy water every few months to be looking as good as new. It’s important to note, some finishes may require more care or different techniques than others.

Here at SCI Windows, our knowledgeable team will give you all the guidance you need to properly maintain and care for any windows we install.

aluminium windows


Aluminium frames are considered one of the most secure options on the market. Burglars will tend to avoid aluminium frames due to their inherent strength. This strength makes these frames that bit more resistant to forced entry. Thanks to aluminium’s anti-corrosion properties and outstanding robustness, they can last for years. This will help keep your home secure, comfortable, and looking its best.

Don’t Overlook PVCu windows

Aluminium as a material is an exceptional fit for window frames. Despite this, we still always highly recommend you don’t overlook PVCu as it’s a great option and will fit the needs of the vast majority of people. We believe in our PVCu windows so much, we offer a 10-year guarantee!

Get in Touch

Because of the number of options and different profiles and sections available, it is very difficult to show and discuss them all. We would highly recommend contacting us to go through the options and figure out what would be most suitable for your property. We supply and install to residential properties as well as office buildings, where aluminium windows are really popular.

If you are looking to update to aluminium windows in your South West London or Surrey property, as well as increasing security throughout, then please call SCI Windows on 020 8648 0426. Or please get in touch via our contact form.