Easy Maintenance of Windows and Doors

According to PlatinumNRG, one of our biggest suppliers there are easy ways to keep your windows and doors in tip top condition:


  • External dirt and grime should be removed from the glass surface using a solution of soap and water
  • Any household glass cleaner may be used with a soft cloth

NOTE: The glass used in most double glazed units, is easily scratched and it is therefore recommended that hand jewellery is removed prior to cleaning.

Leaded Glass

  • Take care when cleaning leaded lights as excessive pressure can dislodge the lead from the glass surface
  • Warm soapy water moderately applied with a cloth, will prove an adequate cleaning method

NOTE: Externally exposed lead will oxidize, this is a natural phenomena and cannot be avoided.

Windows & Frames

Wash frames with soap and water solution at least:-

  • Every three months in areas of heavy industry
  • Every six months in rural areas, if required, clean with a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner, suitable for either plastics, aluminium or timber, using a soft cloth. In the event of unusually heavy staining, advice should be sought from your supplier/ installer.

NOTE: Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Take care not to disturb silicone pointing sealants

Conservatory & Porch Roofs

  • Clear gutters of leaves and debris, to avoid overflow of rainwater and ensure unobstructed drainage. Wash roof panels with a soap and water solution at least every four months to remove grime and atmospheric deposits.

NOTE: Do not walk on conservatory roofs. Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Take care not to disturb silicone sealants

Brass furniture

Brass furniture is fully protected with lacquer. Through normal wear and tear, this lacquer may peel or become tarnished.
NOTE: Your supplier cannot accept responsibility for this natural occurrence. To refurbish brass work, carry out the following procedure:

  • Protect the PVC-u surfaces from chemicals etc, by masking off an area around each piece of brass work, or removing the item to be refurbished
  • Remove old lacquer with nail polish remover or paint stripper
  • Clean and polish with a proprietary brass polish
  • Carefully re-lacquer with a good quality product

PVCu Profiles

PVCu requires no maintenance other than cleaning. In the event of damage, seek advice from Your supplier. Periodically and where accessible, clear drainage holes which can be seen when you open the windows and doors.


If the gaskets are broken or damaged and draughts are felt around the unit, ensure prompt replacement by contacting your installer

Hardware fittings

Oil or light grease should be applied to mechanisms and keeps once a year. A thin film applied to stays will enhance their corrosion resistance. Residential door hinges require no lubrication. Vertical slider spring balances are pre-Iubricated and should require no maintenance.

Glass scratches

If scratches occur, most can be removed with jewellers rouge available from your local glass supplier, or an equivalent rubbing compound. Alternatively, seek professional advice. Replacement of sealed units should be carried out by professionals in accordance with BS6262, the units complying with BS5713.

Bi-Fold doors

Your bi-fold door system contains mechanical moving parts that will need to be lubricated bi–annually. These include: hinges, multipoint lock and handles. Lubricate using a light oil or spray oil and wipe away any excess with a non-abrasive cloth once you have finished. The running  system in your bifold door system is maintenance- free.

  • Weathering gaskets – use a light soapy solution and a non-abrasive cloth. DO NOT USE solvent based cleaning products on the gaskets. It is recommended that silicon spray is applied to the gaskets annually.
  • Tracks – use a small brush to loosen any debris from the track. Using a suitable vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle cleaning attachment. Vacuum up the debris in the track. (This should be carried out on a weekly basis) DO NOT allow debris to build in the track as this will effect the operation of the doors.

During high winds, ensure that doors are kept closed to avoid structural damage.

Silicone seals

NOTE: Some discolouration of the silicone pointing sealant is a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided.


Generally, there is no maintenance required for window and door handles.

This and other information is available to download on our brochures section.