Five things to Consider before Replacing your Windows

Do you want to replace your windows? Sometimes, it is not as straight forward as picking any type of window. These five steps should help you to make an informed decision.

The Grade Listing of your Property:

The first step before even considering the type of window that you need, is to check the listing of your property. Some properties will require planning permission before you get started. For example, Grade I listed properties require planning permission (approval from the local authority planning officer) to change any external appearance. This includes the replacement of windows.

The Type of Glazing:

Glazing comes in many types. The most common being double and triple glazing. This is important in retaining heat and reducing draught/cold spots in the colder months. At SCI Windows, one type of glazing that we install is a Secondary Double Glazing system. These have been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting, low maintenance, very discreet and unobtrusive.

The Style of Window:

This is dependent on the type of property – some styles of window are only suitable for some homes. For example, our sash windows are ideal for Victorian/Period properties. We suggest this so that properties retain their character. We have a very wide range of windows available to browse online. Alternatively, our showroom is open for viewings. However, we do ask customers to book in advance. This will avoid any queuing at the barrier.

Energy Efficiency:

Different windows let different amounts of sunlight in. They will then retain heat in the winter. Having a good energy efficiency rating will keep electricity costs down drastically. Our PVCu Windows are one of the best performing products – providing the highest energy efficiency.

The Company that Install the Windows:

The number one rule is to work with accredited companies. This is so that the job can be done to the highest standard of quality. Here at Sci Windows, our formal recognition will ensure that you can put your confidence in us. We know our job well. We want to provide reliability and reassurance, so that every job is done properly.

All of our windows and doors come with a 10 year guarantee, insured by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA).

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