How are PVCu Doors Made?

PVCu doors are always a popular option for people looking for a new door. Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticised, and is an incredibly durable and versatile material; perfect for making secure, great-looking doors. They are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and can also be recycled to make new PVCu doors and windows.

But have you ever wondered how PVCu doors are made? Well we’re here to answer your questions!

How are PVCu Doors Made

How are PVCu Doors made?

Building a PVCu door is a fairly straightforward process. PVCu starts out in life as a powder, where it is then melted down into a liquid form. It is then dropped into moulds, in this instance, door moulds, where it is then left to set and form the basis for the PVCu door.

Once the PVCu is set, it is then cut to fit the final specification of the door, and any individual pieces are melded together. It is then time to add and seal the glass inserts of the door into place.

PVCu doors come in a variety of different styles and designs; not to mention the wide range of door accessories available for your PVCu door.

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