How Does Double Glazing Work and What The Benefits are

“Double Glazing” is the old term still used by many customers. It is an easy phrase to remember, although times have certainly moved on in our industry and these windows are mostly known as PVCu Windows now. In the UK 93% of people have PVCu windows installed. However, some may not know what these types of windows do or the full list of benefits they are giving.

PVCu windows work by having 2 panes of glass with a layer of argon gas separating the two. Argon is an excellent choice to keep your home more energy-efficient and soundproof. The gas is a poor conductor of heat, so it keeps the warm air in. The extra pane of glass then acts as a sound barrier, so it reduces the amount of noise that comes into your home or escapes from it.

There’s an extremely long list of benefits to installing PVCu windows (double glazing) in your home but we understand that you might not share our passion for windows, so we’ve narrowed it down to four:

double glazing

Energy Efficiency

There’s a noticeable difference between homes that have PVCu windows and those that do not, especially when looking at their energy bill. If you live or have been in a home with single glazed windows you’ll often find that your house loses heat quickly, struggles to hold it and it takes a while to get to a comfortable temperature. This is because draughts from your windows are allowing warm air to escape from your home.

When your house has double glazed windows you’ll find that you’re rarely turning up the heating and when you do it’s not so high and for much much less time.

It can reduce your energy spending by up to £95 per year, according to the Energy Saving Trust, which means you’ll see a return on your investment straight away. With the way fuel bills are currently heading, saving where you can is a definite plus!

Peace and Quiet

As mentioned it’s not only heat that is insulated. It also prevents sound from inside and outside your home from escaping. This is why you can’t constantly hear cars and lorries driving past, which would quickly become extremely aggravating.

It also reduces the amount of sound that is leaked from your home. So if you have noisy children you’re much less likely to get any complaints from neighbours!

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A Worthwhile Investment

PVCu Windows instantly makes a home more appealing to a buyer, making it much easier to sell, it is a definite plus point. This is becoming an essential feature for most homeowners and having them fitted makes a home much more desirable.

Research has shown that there’s an increase of 10% on the average value of homes with newly fitted double glazed windows.


Every year £181million is stolen from homes just in London but with a burglary taking place every 106 seconds in the UK; this terrifying statistic isn’t all that shocking.

PVCu windows are virtually intruder proof due to them being extremely difficult to break. So you are essentially putting 2 barriers between your home and a thief. Whats more is that the argon gas between the panes acts as a great shock absorber to most impacts.

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