How to stop noise coming through your windows

There are many reasons you might be looking at new windows. It could be for energy efficiency, to stop a water leak, or to improve your homes kerb appeal. But if you have old windows, you might be thinking about how much noise they are letting into your home.

As quite a few of us are spending more time at home during the day; you may have noticed that the road noise coming into your home throughout the day. This can be rather irritating, particularly if you’re currently trying to work from home.

Noise Pollution from Windows

The reason behind this is because glass conducts sound very well. Therefore if you have an older single-glazed window then there will be little stopping outside noise pollution from coming into your home.

Also if your windows are much older, wood will perhaps be thinner in the window, plus the seals around the frame of the window might have perished. This leaves a gap between the outside of the window which will then let more noise into your home.

Keeping Noise Pollution out of your Home

If you’ve noticed a lot more noise from coming in; you might want to consider getting new windows. Double glazed Windows not only help keep the heat in during the winter but also help to keep the noise out.

Double glazing or indeed triple glazing reduces noise pollution as there are two or perhaps three sheets of really solid glass that help to reduce the vibrations of sound coming from the outside. On average you could half the amount of noise coming into your home; which if you’re living near a main road can really help to keep unwanted noise out.

Looking for Double Glazed Windows to Reduce Noise Pollution?

If you’d like to find out more about getting new double glazed windows to make your home quieter then get in touch with SCI Windows. We have a wide range of double and triple glazed windows available, with a great selection of window frames such as PVCu, and Aluminum. We have many different styles of window as well, to ensure your house looks great, is in-keeping with the style of the property as well as increasing kerb appeal!

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