Is it Worth Replacing Double Glazing With Triple Glazing?

Have you ever sat by a window and felt a draft, even though it was firmly shut? Double glazing has always been an innovative solution to tackle just that! Now, triple glazing has stepped into the limelight with more superior benefits. Both options offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks, but is it worth replacing double glazing with triple glazing?

As the name suggests, triple glazing adds another pane separated by a layer of argon gas. The layering of this additional layer provides an additional buffer between the harsh outdoors and your property. While the allure of a snug home environment is strong, the financial impact of such an upgrade can be an expensive one.

Is it Worth Replacing Double Glazing With Triple Glazing?

What are double-glazed windows?

The term widely used has always been double glazing. We don’t tend to use this term, although customers still say it. Our windows are known as PVCu windows. This form of window has revolutionised residential and commercial buildings by incorporating a second pane of glass in the window frame. The key to their effectiveness is the gas layer of argon acting as an insulator between the two panes of glass. This improves both structural stability and drastically improves thermal insulation. By reducing the transfer of heat, double glazing helps maintain a stable indoor climate, despite external temperature fluctuations.

The benefits of double glazed windows

“Double-glazed” windows are an investment in your property’s comfort and energy efficiency. These units allow properties to maintain warmth during chilly winters and cooler temperatures during the heat of summer.

Additionally, the gas layer is designed to reduce the noise levels from the outside. This produces a quieter and more peaceful living or work environment. Furthermore, modern double-glazed or PVCu windows are designed to enhance security with robust construction strategies, improved locking mechanisms, and an additional layer of glass, which presents a physical obstacle to potential intruders.

What are triple glazed windows?

Triple glazing takes the principles of double glazing and elevates them to an even higher level of performance. This advanced form of window insulation involves a third layer of glass and a second layer of argon. This design significantly boosts the window’s ability to retain heat while also minimising external noise through soundproofing.

The core principle of triple glazing is to provide significantly higher insulation than double-glazed windows. Which then results in slightly better energy retention and a reduction in energy bills. The materials and construction specifications for triple-glazed windows aim to achieve peak energy efficiency, translating to measurable cost savings over time.

Triple glazing is the ideal solution for homes impacted by harsh weather or high noise levels.

The benefits of triple glazed windows

There are a variety of benefits of triple glazing, central to which is its superb thermal efficiency. The three panes of glass and additional layers not only reduce heat loss but also contribute to maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, regardless of season. As a result, homeowners can notice a decline in their energy bills due to decreased demands on heating and cooling systems.

Moreover, triple-glazed windows can add to a property’s market value, drawing in prospective buyers who prioritise energy efficiency and comfort in their search for a new home.

Is it Worth Replacing Double Glazing With Triple Glazing?

Is it Worth Replacing Double Glazing With Triple Glazing?

While triple glazing offers superior insulation and energy efficiency, whether it’s worth the extra cost depends on several factors. Here are the key breakdowns of double glazed and triple glazed windows:

Cost Comparison

The up-front costs associated with triple glazing are undeniably greater than those for double glazing.

According to Checkatrade, the average cost of a triple glazed window is £485, compared to a double-glazed window at £325. The cost difference between double and triple glazing is, on average, £160 per window.

For homeowners, this means an increase in initial investment, which varies based on the number of windows being replaced and the chosen frame materials.

Energy Savings

When considering the long-term benefits of upgrading your home, energy savings should be a top priority. With the potential to offer 60% more energy efficiency compared to older double glazing units, the benefits of both double or triple-glazed windows become clear for anyone looking to optimise energy consumption.

Replacing outdated single-glazed windows with A++ rated triple-glazed units can lead to annual energy bill savings of around £235. This represents a noteworthy advantage for those keen on environmental conservation and reducing utility costs.

Noise Reduction

Noise can significantly impact the comfort of living space, with the constant buzz of a busy road, the roar of aeroplane engines, or the clatter of trains disrupting everyday life.

Thermal Insulation

One of the most quantifiable measures of thermal efficiency in windows is the U-value. The U-value reflects the rate at which heat passes through a structure. Triple-glazed windows boast significantly lower U-values compared to double-glazed ones, a testament to their insulation capabilities.

Looking for more information on double and triple glazed windows?

SCI Windows have been supplying and installing PVCu, Secondary Double Glazing and Triple Glazing systems for over 30 years. And all three definitely have their benefits. Our thoughts are that, in general a really good quality PVCu window should be sufficient for most homes. Triple glazing is for extreme conditions, such as near a very noisy environment, or with extreme weather conditions. We are asked about triple glazing on a daily basis, but we may not always recommend it, as our standard PVCu windows will be more than sufficient for many customers.

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