New GripMAX Locking System

The new GripMAX locking system supplied by Whiteline is the very latest and most secure locking system available today. Available on most of our windows, this is yet another major breakthrough in home security.

GripMAX Locking SystemThe advantages of the upgraded locking system are both easy and plentiful to see and the attached Whiteline-GripMAX-Leaflet will explain the features and benefits a little better.

  • 100% contact area between the lock blade and the frame keeps, meaning multiple times more security than the mushroom Cam
  • Robust Aluminium construction for outstanding anti-corrosion performance and longevity of operation
  • No visible intrusions of lock points when the window is Open meaning no ‘Snag points’
  • Night Vent position that still utilises the full width of the lock and therefore offers  far more security
  • Greater tolerances and strength
  • 12-year mechanical guarantee

The new GripMAX locking system can be specified on ALL current Rebated Window sashes, both in Sculptured and Chamfered, including the Revival versions.

French Window applications will incorporate the GripMAX to the MASTER opener and the currently used shoot bolt lock to the Slave. The GripMAX locking system is NOT AVAILABLE on the FlushSASH as the frame keep is unsuitable for this product type.

We are very excited about this new locking system; yet another breakthrough in high quality products by our suppliers Whiteline.


GripMAX Locking System