New Sheerline Aluminum Range

White windows from the New Sheerline Aluminum Range


The new range of aluminum windows and doors supplied by Sheerline is the very latest, modern aluminium system available today. In 12 stock colours include White, 7016 Anthracite Grey, and Black, so there’s likely to be a style that will fit your home.

Sheerline has built on years of experience; they’ve incorporated many new innovative ideas to create a warmer, slimmer and more secure window system. The windows come in two different styles; Stepped and Contemporary (flat). This will allow you to express the character of your home through some of the most visually aesthetic windows available.


What Sheerlines Aluminum Range Offers

Sheerline’s windows are built around an innovative Thermavic® multi-chamber thermal break. They use a patented construction method that offers unsurpassed levels of security. This means that you can rest easy, assured that you have the safest aluminium windows on the market. All Sheerline windows carry PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation; so if you are looking for stylish aluminium windows with extra peace of mind as standard – then they have you covered.

black large window from the New Sheerline Aluminum Range

As mentioned before, Sheerlines windows are built with a Thermlock® closed-cell insulating chamber that is intelligently hidden away inside every Sheerline window and door. This functions as a thermal break, creating products with class-leading thermal performance. Not only is this standard across all of their components but it helps keep your house warm; even against what the notorious UK weather can throw at it.

Classic vs Prestige

The Sheerline windows range has launched with two options: Classic and Prestige. Both of these are made with the patterned design, wide range of colours and offer all the key benefits of Sheerlines windows; strength, style, energy efficiency, security and durability. The Classic windows offer a slimline frame system. The Prestige range, on the other hand, provides a unique “flush sash”, meaning it can be used in a wider range of applications. For more information about the ‘Classic Range‘ and the ‘Prestige Range‘ click the applicable link.

Environmental Sustainability

Sheerline manufacturing line for New Sheerline Aluminum RangeWhat’s even better is that all Sheerlines products are UK sourced and manufactured. They are made from the most recyclable and abundant metal in the Earths crust – aluminium. A whopping 75% of the aluminium produced is still in use, thanks to its durability and highly efficient recycling processes. What’s more is that they recycle all of their production waste to the same Welsh aluminium foundry they source the majority of our aluminium logs from. Supporting a UK based closed-loop recycling.

Sheerline are also incredibly energy efficient in production. Their method of manufacturing can see savings of up to 55% in comparison to traditional methods.

Sheerline Certification for their new Sheerline Aluminum Range

Soon we’re are proud to introduce a full-scale bifold door sample in our showroom, with window and door samples to follow. If this sounds like something that is going to be of interest to you then visit our showroom; 51 Epsom Rd, Morden SM4 5PR.

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