Should you Open Windows in Hot Weather?

During the summer months, houses will heat up fast! Often, it is difficult to know if you should have your windows open or closed in hot weather.

There is lots of advice available on the internet, but the general rule is: Open the windows if house temperature is greater than outside temperature. Otherwise keep them closed to keep the cool air inside, as long as possible.

windows in hot weather

When is a good time to open your windows?

  • During the night, when it is cooler outside than in.
  • First thing in the morning – before it starts to heat up.
  • When letting air circulate around rooms.

Letting air circulate around the house is easily the best method of keeping inside temperatures down. By doing this, you should be able to create a flow of air, then cold air can be pushed through each room.

What products do we suggest installing in the hot weather?

Installing our Secondary Double Glazed Windows will ensure that some UV Rays that will penetrate the window become blocked out, minimising the sun damage to furniture. They are long lasting and durable.

During the summer months in particular, our Bi-Fold Doors are not only a great place for entertaining, but are big enough to maximise air flow. These doors will lower indoor temperatures significantly.

All of our windows and doors come with a 10 year guarantee, insured by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA).

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