PVCu Bi-Fold Doors

PVCu bi-fold doors aren’t just a nice feature to have when the sun is shining; the year-round light they let in, the additional convenience of access, and the view into your garden mean they’re an attractive and worthwhile addition to your home.

PVCu Bi-Fold Doors

A wonderful way to combine both indoor and outdoor spaces into one, they’re becoming an increasingly popular feature for new builds and extensions as people seek to give their homes some added style.

Just like some of our windows ranges, we work with Platinum NRG to provide top quality PVCu bi-fold doors to our customers throughout Surrey.

They’ve been designed with slim and unobtrusive sight-lines that maximise the light coming into your home, and the material and finish means minimal maintenance is needed on your part.

They’ll never warp or rot, and you’ll be able to get by with an occasional glass cleaning and warm water wash for the frames.

These PVCu bi-fold doors also have an excellent lifespan thanks to a bespoke wrap that prevents everyday scuff marks, as well as hidden ‘crash’ stops in the operating system to stop them being forcefully slammed shut.

Concealed hinges and bolts, along with a smooth runner system, means they’re easy to use and look great. All elements can be folded in either direction along the runners.

Customise to fit your home

There’s a number of options available when purchasing PVCu bi-fold doors through SCI.

Firstly, the number of panels. These bi-fold doors can be manufactured using up to seven sections, so if you’ve a particularly large project in mind we can accommodate. You can also choose whether the door will be inward or outward swinging.

Should you desire a particular colour for your doorframe to fit interior decoration there’s also a vast range of RAL colours available to choose from.

Even better, you can have two different colours on the same door – if you require different shades on both internal and external sides.

Moreover, if you’ve got children that’ll be running in and out of the open doors you can choose a door frame with a lower threshold, lessening the chance of a trip or stumble. The lowest comes in at just 24mm. This is also useful if you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible option, with a tray available to sit the threshold in and create a ramp.

Whatever you’re after, with a number of styles, colours and finishes suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings available you’re sure to find the perfect combination to fit your home.

PVCu Bi-Fold Doors

Saving money on energy bills

Each of our bi-fold doors is made with double-glazed safety glass. Moreover, the frames have a five-chamber system that traps the temperature inside and stops the cold air getting in.

The combination of the two means that the amount of heat escaping through the doors is kept to a minimum, and over time you’ll save valuable pounds on your energy bills.

And from a green standpoint, the PVCu material itself is very environmentally friendly and can be recycled up to ten times throughout its lifespan.

In terms of health and safety, PVCu is non-toxic, difficult to ignite and stops burning as soon as the source of heat is removed.

Make a beautiful, lasting change that’ll make your home brighter and more spacious.

Get in touch with SCI Windows today, either by filling in the contact form or calling 020 8648 0426. We can then discuss all options available to you for PVCu patio doors.