Bifold Doors – PVCu VS Aluminium

Bifold doors, also known as folding sliding doors, are doors that slide open and fold into themselves up against the wall. They are made from anywhere between 1 and 7 panels and most will have a static opening door as well.

Bifold doors are usually found in the back of the house to bring in lots of light, all year round, as well as giving you a convenient view and access out onto your garden. They are an incredibly attractive and worthwhile addition to any home.

bifold windows closed

Here is an example of a large set of Bifold doors that we installed a while ago. As you can see it essentially replaces a whole wall that would have contained a door and also windows.

bifold windows openThis is that same bifold door with the panels open. It opens up the space and brings a sense of the outdoors into your home.

Here at SCI Windows, we offer two types of bifold doors – PVCu and Aluminium. Both of these are attractive options and there isn’t necessarily a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice. There are many factors to take into consideration and you have to make your own decision based on them.


Installing aluminium doors are typically more expensive due to the material costs, as well as the manufacturing costs being higher than PVCu. However, thinking long term, aluminium is a much more robust material than PVCu so you may make your decision based on that. You need to ensure that the windows your choose fit the budget you have given yourself.


Both aluminium and PVCu offer great thermal insulation. This may come as a surprise as aluminium is cold to the touch. However, they do not affect the window’s ability to insulate a home. This is due to there often being a thermal break in some frames that prevent the 2 pieces of aluminium from touching; stopping the heat from transferring and keeping your house warmer for longer.

Overall, there should be no complaints with either of these options in terms of thermal insulation and efficiency.


Our bifold doors contain hidden steel reinforcement and are tested to meet the exacting BS7950 standard. They feature six-point locking & twin bi-directional cams, which prevent jemmying, Optional hinge guards to ensure both sides of the door are equally protected from attack.

Optional shoot bolt locking engages into strong metal keeps, preventing the door from being forced outward. The owner can rest safe in the knowledge that their home is well protected and far more secure than with older style locking and handle gear.

And all of this is achieved using matching stainless hardware so you don’t have to compromise on the look of your doors to keep safe.

Both PVCu and aluminium are equally secure as each other and have the same locking systems. This gives you complete peace of mind no matter what you chose.


This comes down to personal preference and the type of building you’re fitting the doors into. If you own a more modern looking house then aluminium doors with their slimmer profile might be the more appealing option for you. However, if you own a countryside cottage then modern aluminium frames may look slightly misplaced, making PVCu the better option.

Both aluminium and PVCu doors are available in a wide variety of colours; so there’s something to fit your specific needs are requirements.

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