Should I Get Composite Doors Or PVCu

If you’re asking yourself the question ‘composite doors or PVCu?’ then this blog is for you!

Composite and PVCu doors are pretty much the options you have when looking to fit a brand new front door. For many years PVCu doors were much more common due to their affordability and practicality. However, the additional benefits that composite doors offer will often outweigh the lower costs of PCVu.

What are Composite Doors

A composite is a material made up of different elements.

Composite doors offer a classic design which features modern advancements and technology. Typically, they have a solid timber core, with other materials such as laminate, glass-reinforced plastic and PVCu combined under high pressure. This makes this type of door much more durable and robust.

The PVCu used will protect the timber underneath from being susceptible to damage from weather conditions. Rotting and warping over time is a common thing seen in solid wood doors and windows. Therefore, the additional layer of protection greatly helps the design.

The addition of a laminate often helps with insulation. This helps keep the heat inside of your home and the cold out.

The majority of our bespoke composite doors come with decorative glass. There are options for triple and double glazing to further assist with insulation.

What are PVCu Doors

PVCu doors are made using a fully insulated steel frame as their core. This core is then covered in an unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which acts as another layer of protection and leaves a plastic finish on the door, which some do not enjoy.

PVCu Compared to Composite

These PVCu doors tend to be around 60% cheaper than composite doors. However, there is a reason for this. You will often get a further 10-15 years out of a composite door than you would a PVCu door.

In terms of insulation is it common for the composite doors to edge the competition due to them offering a slightly thicker door as well as being denser.

Don’t be fooled by the price, just because PVCu doors are cheaper does not mean they are less secure. They still offer a superbly strong frame as well as high-quality locking systems.

In terms of maintenance, they are identical. So long as you give them a quick wipe every so often and oil the mechanisms than the door with continue to look and act its best.

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