Signs you need new windows

With us being in the middle of winter it’s more important than ever to have efficient well-functioning windows. If you suspect you’re in need of some new windows, we’ve put together a list of some telltale sights you need new windows. 

Malfunctioning Mechanisms

Typically when the mechanism of the window stops working it will be due to the elements damaging the window. An example of this is rainwater causing the mechanism to rust and rot; which can lead to mould. This can lead to jamming or stiffness. This is a typical sign that your current windows are reaching the end of their life cycle. 

Cold Drafts

If you start to feel a cold draft when you’re close to your windows then it is a clear sign that you are long due replacements. These drafts are typically due to damaged seals on the inside of the window. This causes your home to become much more inefficient and could lead to you overworking your heating system. This will always lead to a much higher energy bill at the end of each month. 

Replacing your windows is a large upfront investment. However, if you are in this position, it is a worthwhile one. The money you save on your energy bill will eventually cover the cost of getting your windows replaced and fitted. 

you need new windows

Condensation on Glass

This is a sign that you could need new windows. Condensation on the inside of your windows shows that the glazing is using its effectiveness. Glazing is an incredibly important part of your windows as it has an effect on noise reduction, security, efficiency and the overall value of your property. 

The failing seals make it easy for moisture to travel between the glass and appear in the form of condensation on the glass. 

Audible Noise

If the windows are not effectively masking the external noise then it is typically a sign to replace your windows. If you can tell which car is driving down the street outside your house by the sound it makes then the time to replace is now! The same goes if you hear every dog bark or person talking in their garden. Hearing these noises is never ideal, more so if you’re trying to sleep. 

What’s more is that if you live a fairly loud lifestyle, whether through loud music or loud voices, you can do so without the worry of disturbing your neighbours. New windows are excellent at giving you another layer of privacy when inside your home.  

Looking to get new windows?

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