Signs You Should Have Your Door Replaced

It’s safe to say that the majority of households have a good idea of how often or at least the signs that you need new windows. Unfortunately, their doors often get neglected. This could be horrendous, as your doors play a huge part in not only your home’s appearance, but also it’s security and efficiency. Let’s get into the signs you should be looking out for when deciding if it’s finally time to have your door replaced.

It’s important to note that the majority of people could go up to 30 years without having their door replaced. This is down to proper maintenance and the door not sustaining any damage.

Mould or Moisture is Appearing

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One sign that shows you need to take action is if moisture is appearing on your doors. This is likely due to the seals on the doors windows wearing away. This creates a space for moisture to enter and is a clear sign it’s time to show that door some love. It’s incredibly important to note if you have French doors that are nearly completely glass.

If you’ve been keeping up with our other blogs on window and door maintenance, then you’ll know that this moisture can lead to mould and mildew. If this is left unattended for too long, then you will be forced to completely have your door replaced. There are many remedies and techniques that are able to eliminate and prevent the mould from returning.

Mould is typically found more so on back doors due to them often times being led from the kitchen. A kitchen is especially prone to dampness due to the sink, refrigerator, and other sources of moisture. It’s incredibly important to remain on top of this, the kitchen is meant to be a hygienic place.

Drafts in Your Home

If you’re suffering from frequent drafts in your home, then it could be a great indicator you need to replace your doors. Even the smallest of faults in your door can have astronomical affects. The amount of energy loss and cold air that can occur from minor damage will exceed all of your expectations. Over time, the cost to accommodate and try and fight off the cold draft will add up in the form of unnecessary heating.

Whilst foam weather strips are an effective, cheap short term solution, they will never create an air tight seal like a new door can.

Weathered, Warped or Cracked

If your door is weathered, warped or cracked then that’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace the door. Throughout their lifetime, doors go through an awful amount of wear and tear, eventually causing some sort of damage. They are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and are opened and closed multiple times every day. It’s ignorant to expect them to last forever. Something as simple as a quick change in temperature can cause doors and frames to expand and contract. This coupled in general use can cause cracks and major damage.

If you are the owner of a wooden door, then you are at risk of your door warping. You need to be incredibly careful with water damage, as it can cause your door to become soft and break easily. If your door has water damage, you should immediately replace it as its structural integrity will be heavily compromised. The same goes for a kind of infestation by insects.

Your Door Sticks

This is somewhat of a follow-up point from the last. A door that sticks or jams can indicate that the door or door frame has become warped or misaligned. This can be due to a number of factors, such as whether exposure or misuse. A warped door that sticks will likely have areas that are exposed at points. This will mean a greater amount of energy is lost or more drafts. This is a big indicator you should consider having the door replaced.

Safety and Security

door replacedIf you have noticed your door is showing any of these telltale signs, then it is absolutely critical you act on it. You could be put yourself at risk, security wise. You always want you and your family to feel safe inside their home. If your door is damaged or showing wear, criminals could notice and try to take advantage of the weakened structure.

Does your Door Meet The Industry Standards

It’s extremely common for older doors to not even meet the current industry standards. These cover everything from materials, to performance standards. One instance where this could be noticeable is the lock on your composite door. This could have a huge negative effect on your property’s security. Feel free to get in touch if you’re suspicious of your doors not meeting industry standards.

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