The Power of a New Front Door

Front doors are an incredibly important part of any home. Your front door is the main focal point of your house and has a direct impact on everything that surrounds it. Let’s go in-depth and discuss the power of a front door for your property.

the power of a front door

Why is having a new front door important?

When people look at your home, the first thing they tend to notice is the front door. This comes before they notice how many windows, the architecture or the colour of the wall. Most designers will ensure the eye is naturally drawn to this feature of the home. The importance of having a powerful front door is only emphasised when you take into consideration that everyone that enters or exits your home is going to have to pass through your front door. You should never overlook the power a front door has over the appearance of your property.

Display of style

Your front door has the power to impact and complement the rest of your home. Whether it be through colour, size, shape or design there are many ways to add a hint of personality and flare to the external of your property. This is without mentioning the furniture options for your door. From stylish knockers to draught and rattle-free letterboxes, SCI Windows offers a great range of add-ons for new doors, that not only act as decoration but enhance security, safety and protection from the elements.

Kerb Appeal

Your front door is such a focal point. Naturally, it’s one of the first things people will notice when you’re trying to sell your home. A great-looking front door gives off the perfect first impression and gives them an insight into how the rest of the home is going to be. If the door is rotting away and has a poor locking system fitted then a prospect buyer will assume that’s the standard for the rest of the home.

Does kerb appeal increase a home’s value? Obviously, it does! Estate agents often use kerb appeal to describe how your home looks to a potential buyer. The reality of things is that first impressions do count; especially when you are trying to part a person with a huge portion of their cash!

The power of a front door

Perception of security

Having an appealingly solid door may be enough to give the impression that your house is secure. Even the slightest of deterrents is enough to put off a burglar from targeting your home. Taking every precaution possible will hopefully reduce your risk. The precautions start with your front door.

A door that’s old and without the industry standard locks will almost always be seen as an invitation for thieves.

Most burglars are extremely cautious and carefully pick which house they attack. They will always make it easy for themselves and pick a house that has the potential to be weak. Having a strong, heavy new front door is seen as a huge obstacle. Thus, a criminal is bound to gain some unwanted attention if they attempted to break in through it.

It mainly comes down to perception. You want to make the burglars think that your home is carefully protected and secure.

Looking to update your front door?

Overall, the power of a new front door is undeniable. If you’re interested in replacing your door for any reason, SCI Windows will have something that suits your every need. We have a range of composite doors that are secure, durable, and energy-efficient as well as being either double or triple-glazed.

We have been installing doors and windows for well over 30 years. With around 10,000 satisfied customers, SCI thrives on quality, innovation and customer care. If you’re interested in getting a free-of-charge, no-commitment quote from one of our trained professionals, please do contact us by telephone on 020 8648 0426 or email at We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.