Waking up In Walton

We have been keenly following Robyn and Jack on their Instagram account  @waking_up_in_walton_. SCI Windows have been tagged in quite a few posts and we have been keenly following the progress of their wonderful house renovations. And then recently we have had the pleasure of installing their new Heritage Rose sliding sash windows, that look fabulous and really complement all the other work that has been carried out.

So we messaged Robyn and Jack to ask them if they could send us some photographs and an overview of how their renovations are coming along. We were exceptionally pleased to receive this back from them:

Robyn & Jack’s story:

We bought our Victorian semi back in April 2019 as a newly married couple. We were slightly out of our depth having come from a small one bedroom period conversion flat in Richmond where we did a full renovation back in 2013. Our old flat was in a conservation area so when it came to us replacing our windows we had to replace them like for like with timber. We couldn’t afford to do a full replacement so we refurbished the boxes and just replaced the sashes with timber double glazed units. They were amazing and I was so sad to have to leave them behind when it came to selling up and moving on!

I knew more or less straight away when we viewed our house we’d be replacing our windows here. They were old, rattly (in fact every time a car drove down the street they’d shake!) and were very drafty. We also live on a street in Walton not too far from the railway station so again every time the train went past we could hear is quite clearly! Being what I’d call a ‘window snob’, I’d originally planned to do the same replacement we’d done at our old flat (like for like timber, and probably just replace the sashes due to money) so in week 2 of being in the new house I went ahead and organised quotes from various companies, including who we’d used in Richmond. The quotes came back and we quickly realised the window replacement dream would have to go on hold.

It wasn’t until I was speaking to a friend when she reminded me I no longer lived in a conservation area so why didn’t I look at uPVC alternatives? I quickly shut her down and told her I’d never put uPVC windows in my property (see, window snob!) but she reassured me that I could get sliding sashes and she was sure there were companies out there who do really authentic ones now. Cue lots of googling and I came across the Roseview Windows website and was immediately impressed. I then went on Instagram looking for the company and other people who had used them and saw that an interior blogger I was following had also installed them. So I messaged her to get her views and she reassured me how great they were. I made an enquiry directly through their website and was contacted by SCI Windows, my nearest approved installer. Andy came round to measure up to provide me with a quote and I was shocked (but relieved) when the price came back around half the price of my timber quotes. I booked them up right away and after another full survey, my measurements went off to the manufacturer. A couple of months later, SCI came back to fit the windows and I’m now the proud owner of some beautiful, authentic PVCu sliding sashes that require zero maintenance and look the part. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is, but with Roseview Windows, they really are incredible.

Now the windows are done and our living room has had a full reno, our next project is the main bedroom. We’ll be stripping it all back, installing some bespoke wardrobes and a little en-suite and then decorating it all in neutral tones (I’m keen not to use grey throughout my whole house!). I like the idea of making a bit of a feature wall where the bed will go up against with some panelling and then creating a French style vibe with some wooden furniture from Loaf. I can’t wait to start working on this space.

We’ve also recently got our plans back from the architect to convert the loft and create another bedroom and bathroom in that space, and downstairs we have some pretty extensive plans to make an open plan cooking/dining/living space in what is currently the dining room and small galley kitchen. We’ll be knocking a few walls down to open it all up and carrying out a side return extension. You can following the progress over on my Instagram at @waking_up_in_walton_

Before Photos

After Photos

Best of luck to you both and we hope to assist you when you progress further with your extension plans! Thanks for all your great information Robyn.