What To Do If Your Windows Are Leaking

The UK is set to get battered by yet another storm this weekend. As a result of all this bad weather, it could bring out the worst in your windows. Heavy rain paired with strong winds means that water could find its way into your home through your windows. If this happens, you’ll need to find out where the leak is coming from in order to stop it.

windows leaking

For most of the year, your windows should be able to hold out the rain. But as heavy weather is often coming our way, it could be that the weather finds its way through them somehow. Water seems to always find a way! If this happens, there are a number of reasons why your windows might be letting the rain in.

Find Out Where the Leak is Coming From

If your windows start to leak, you’ll need to find out where the water is coming from first. This will help to determine what’s going wrong with your windows. Of course, if you’ve got water on the inside of your windows, it could instead be condensation, and you can read our previous blog post to find out if it’s simply bad ventilation in your home.

Older style windows are likely to have suffered dozens of heavy storms over the years. After a while window seals can start to disintegrate and water could make its way into your home.

If water is coming from around the frame, it could be an issue with the window seals. Disintegrating seals will let water in, but also the cold weather. If the water is coming from around the outside of the window frame, it could be something to do with the original installation of the windows. Poorly installed windows may result in breaks in the flashing, and allow water to seep through.

Alternatively, even the design of your home could affect how susceptible your windows are to leaks. If your home lacks an overhang over your windows,  it could be likely that at some point water will get into your home.

Do You Need New Windows?

The good news is there are so many products on the market that will help to clean the black mould that appears on the insides of your seals and framework. But that won’t rectify the situation if your windows are leaking.

If you get a window company like SCI to come and assess your home, we can usually help you determine whether you need new windows. As a leading window installer in the South East, we cover counties such as Surrey, Sussex, and South London. We’ll make sure that your top-quality windows are installed properly to avoid any further water leaks through your windows. So if your windows start to leak this weekend, just give us a call, and we can give you a no-obligation visit to inspect your windows.