Why Do My Windows Keep Steaming Up?

Inadequate room heating, poor thermal insulation, insufficient ventilation and excess moisture in the air are the four main triggers of condensation in the home. And when condensation appears on windows, it’s a sign of one or more of these. Why do my windows keep steaming us is a question that many new customers will ask us, when they first enter our showroom.

All air contains some moisture – even indoors. As your windows are exposed to the outside temperature, it’s likely that they are the coldest surface within your home – particularly if they are single-glazed.

Steamy windows

When warm moist air comes into contact with the cooler glass of the window pane, the moisture condenses out into liquid water droplets known as condensation.

This is an important sign to pay attention to, as it is probably telling you that the humidity (water vapour) level in your home is too high.

In addition, more heat energy is needed to warm up moist air than dry air, so getting rid of air moisture will help to reduce your heating bills as well.

Sorting this out will save you money in the long run, preventing damage to your home from mildew, moisture spots or rotting wood, if you have timber windows.

SCI Windows can offer expert advice for your home, when it comes to condensation and energy efficiency. We have been installing windows and doors for over 30 years.With well over 10,000 satisfied replacement window and door customers, SCI have thrived on quality, innovation and customer care. Our customers appreciate the no pressure, no hassle approach and commitment to service – long after the installation has been completed.

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