Window Replacement vs Window Repair

When your windows have been damaged or are starting to show some wear, you may find yourself faced with the decision between window replacement and window repair. While both options have their own benefits and factors to consider, choosing the right ones will ensure you get the most value for money. In this article, we are going to explore the window replacement vs window repair argument and when you should choose each one.

Window Replacement vs Window Repair

Signs of Window Problems

Before you make a decision, it’s key that you identify the signs that indicate your window needs some attention. We have written an entire post covering some of the common signs that you need new windows but we will summarise it below.

Malfunctioning Mechanisms:

  • Rust and rot caused by rainwater can damage window mechanisms and lead to jamming or stiffness.
  • Indicates that current windows are reaching the end of their life cycle.

Cold Drafts:

  • Feeling a cold draft near windows indicates the need for replacements.
  • Damaged seals on the inside of the window cause drafts.
  • Inefficient windows can lead to higher energy bills.

Cost and Benefits of Replacement:

  • Replacing windows is a significant upfront investment.
  • Money saved on energy bills will eventually cover the replacement cost.

Condensation on Glass:

  • Condensation on the inside of windows indicates the need for new windows.
  • Ineffective glazing affects noise reduction, security, efficiency, and property value.
  • Failing seals allow moisture to appear as condensation on the glass.

Audible Noise:

  • Ineffective windows fail to mask external noise.
  • If you can identify specific sounds like cars or barking dogs, it’s time for window replacement.
  • New windows provide better privacy and reduce disturbance from loud lifestyles.

When to Consider Window Replacement

While window repair is a viable option in many cases, there are situations where outright replacing your windows is the more practical choice. If you have experienced extensive damage, such as rot or broken frames, replacement is usually necessary. Issues like this are more frequent in older windows that lack proper insulation and energy-efficient features. If you have sustained damage to older windows, upgrading to the latest technology can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. This will not only improve the function of your home but also the aesthetics. Enhancing the appeal of your windows can make your home a more pleasant one to live in while also increasing the kerb value of your property.

Factors to Consider

To make an informed decision on window replacement vs window repair there are many factors you need to consider.

The first of which should be the cost. In general window repair is generally a more affordable option. However, window repair only buys you some time until the inevitable occurs and you replace your windows. Take into account the extent of the damage, the number of windows involved and the type of repair that is necessary to determine an overall cost.

Energy efficiency should also be a priority. Replacing older windows will significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs due to the advancements that have been made in technology recently. Simply repairing old windows will not allow you to reap the rewards of this tech.

Window Replacement vs Window Repair

Do remember that new windows should be seen as an investment and nothing else. While the upfront fee may be a deterrent for many, investing in higher-quality windows can offer better durability, improved energy efficiency and increased resale value over time

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