Choosing the Right Windows for your Period Property

windows for period propertyIf you own a period property – you’ll no doubt have come up against many hidden obstacles when renovating your home. If you own a listed period property, you’ll also have the added expense of having to ask for permission to make any major structural changes. Original windows on period properties are always an integral part of renovations.

The problem with original windows on period properties is that they were made in time before double-glazing and A+ Energy ratings had been dreamed up. So they are likely to be useless at retaining heat, soundproofing, and they may even be falling into disrepair. If you own a period property and are looking at getting new windows, you might be thinking about how to choose the right windows for your period property. That’s where SCI Windows can help.

There are countless benefits of getting new windows for your period property. The new double glazed windows we can install come with A+ Energy ratings. They are great at keeping the cold out and the heat in during the winter months. New windows also have better soundproofing and security, meaning you can rest assured you’ll get some peace and quiet in your home.

Choosing the Right Style of Windows for your Period Property

When upgrading your windows on your period property, you’ll need to think about exactly what period your property is from. For example, a Georgian property might have Sliding Sash or SlimSash windows, whereas a Victorian home might have larger glass panes and bay windows. You might need to think about what style of window your home already has installed. This will help give you an idea of what windows would fit the style of your home.

Even if your home isn’t a listed property, you might still need to think carefully about choosing a window style that matches the time period your home was built in. For example, if your home has an Art Deco style; you might want  windows that still complement this style of architecture. Stained glass is great in certain smaller windows to achieve this look.

Period properties really suit our woodgrain finish with a sliding sash. This is probably the closest to a traditional wood frame that we can get. Many customers will chat with us about keeping the traditional look, without losing the security and energy efficiency. And then with the right window accessories, you can create a really traditional look. Black ornate window handles and openers can really finish off the effective look you are wanting to achieve.

At SCI Windows we have a wide range of different styles of windows that will suit a number of different styles and period properties. Our Casement and Slimsash windows could work really well on Georgian properties. We also offer FlushSash and Sliding Sash windows which would be suitable for many Victorian properties. Our Roseview Heritage Sash windows are designed specifically to fit in with period properties. Take a look at the brochure for more information.

Need Help Choosing the Right Windows for your Home?

windows for period property

If you’re unsure about what windows to choose for your period property – get in touch with SCI Windows. We have been around for over 30 years, and have gained plenty of experience fitting windows to many different styles of period properties. We would usually encourage people to come and visit us at our showroom in Morden, Surrey. That way you can talk to us and see for yourself the great range of windows we have. However, due to the latest government restrictions, our showroom is temporarily closed. We will be reopening as soon as we are allowed to, and we’d love to see you when we do!

In the meantime, we are remaining open for business, measuring, quotes and installations strictly within the government guidelines. Please contact us by phone on 020 8648 0426 or email for more information.