PVCu Patio Doors

PVCu patio doors are a fantastic way of allowing more light into a room, and can provide a stylish entrance to a conservatory or summerhouse. When choosing the right type of doors to use, it’s important to consider three key factors.

upvc patio doorsChoosing your PVCu patio doors

Firstly, security. Great care should always be taken when choosing PVCu patio doors to ensure that they provide a sufficient level of security, particularly as they are predominantly made out of glass, so consider the option of laminated glass.

Thermal efficiency should also be considered. The right kind of door can help you save money on heating bills, while one that allows heat to escape and draughts to get in can have a negative impact on the overall insulation of your home.

Aesthetic appeal is of course also a top priority for many home owners, and this requires a sturdy structure with an attractive finish. A good patio door should complement a room, not impose upon it.

PVCu patio doors

An ideal solution to these three factors can be found in PVCu patio doors. PVCu is a strong and durable material, is reinforced with steel for extra protection and peace of mind. They come with an advance six point locking system and an ‘anti-jacking’ system which prevents the door from being lifted out from the outside

Unprecedented choice

But perhaps where our doors really come into their own is when it comes down to aesthetic choice. Our new range of slim-line PVCu patio doors is available in 19 different colours and finishes, including antique oak and mahogany, with a choice of white, chrome or gold handles.

SCI has been doing this for over 30 years. With around 10,000 satisfied replacement window and door customers, SCI has thrived on quality, innovation and customer care. Our customers appreciate the no pressure, no hassle approach and commitment to service – long after the installation has been completed. Please take a look at our Checkatrade reviews – we have over 800 now and it is growing daily.

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