Energy Ratings

SCI A-rated double glazing can help reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills. We also offer triple glazing for even greater efficiency.

By specifying SCI you will be actively helping to save energy and save the planet. In the UK our homes create a quarter of all CO² emissions. ‘A’ rated windows are an important way to help reduce our impact on our environment and save your customers money.

SCI windows will help eliminate energy loss from your home as our glazing units offer up to 3 times more thermal insulation than standard double-glazing and are 20% better than Low-E thermally insulated glass. (Low-E is currently required under building regulations).

WER ‘A’ Rated

SCI replacement windows incorporate the very latest glazing technology and PlatinumNRG double-glazed PVCu casement windows achieve the ‘greenest’ Window Energy Ratings (WER) rating of A+9 for energy efficiency. The WER labelling scheme was launched in the UK by the British Fenestration Rating Council, a Government supported independent body that allows consumers to reliably compare one product with another, ‘A’ Rating being the most energy efficient.

All of our products are manufactured here in Britain, so you can rest assured that we are not transporting from across the world and are working with local suppliers and specialists in the UK home-improvement market.

Built to last

SCI uses PVCu extruded in Britain and with our 10 year guarantee you can be sure our windows are the best on offer.

PVCu – The greener choice

Our PVCu windows are recyclable and 100% Lead and Calcium Zinc free. Our state of the art, intelligent design uses 50% less steel and our recycling is done in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint.