Secondary Double Glazing

Our aluminium secondary double glazing systems have all been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting, low maintenance & very discreet & unobtrusive.

They provide a multitude of benefits, some obvious, some less so!

Secondary Double GlazingPlanning Permission & Building Regulations

The provision of secondary glazing is not generally subject to either:

  • planning permission
  • building regulations
Quick, Clean, Non-disruptive Installation

The installation of secondary windows is very quick  and clean:

  • disturbance to the buildings occupants is kept to an absolute minimum
  • no need to redecorate afterwards
Ease of Access

No external access is required, therefore:

  • no scaffolding is required above the first floor
  • large frames can be assembled on site
Thermal Insulation

Secondary Double GlazingStandard secondary double glazing substantially improves the thermal insulation of single glazed windows and doors & additionally secondary windows can be:

  • glazed with Low “E” heat reflective glass
  • double glazed with “A” Rated sealed units
  • better than the Building Regulations 1.8uV for replacement windows

Secondary glazing will also:

  • save on energy reduce fuel bills
  • improve Energy Performance Certificates
  • secondary glazing for thermal insulation
Sound Proofing Windows & Doors

Our secondary glazing sound insulation windows achieve significant levels of noise insulation & sound reduction.

Laminated acoustic glass can be specified to maximise the noise reduction from all types of obtrusive noise, such as:

  • general street noise
  • road & traffic noise
  • industrial & factory noise
  • airport & aircraft noise
  • railway, station & train noise

Secondary double glazing is ideal for noisy buildings such as pubs, clubs, concert halls & recording studios.