Getting Rid of Draughts From your Front Door

As it’s a pretty blustery day out there today, you’re probably looking to make sure your home is nice and warm. But you may notice that your front door isn’t the best at keeping those pesky cold draughts out.

The front door is one of the main areas for heat loss in the home, particularly with older doors. You might be able to feel a slight breeze coming from the edges, but particularly along the bottom. if the wind is going in the right direction, your front door will stand little chance at keeping the cold air from coming straight into your home.

Whilst it is always good to have good ventilation in your home to reduce condensation on your windows; draughts let too much cold air in, and therefore need to be sealed up.

draughts front door

Where is the Draught Coming From?

Draughts come from doors when they are not sealed properly around the edges. Although the door may not appear to have a gap around the edges; it still could be letting in the cold air if the door is not sealed properly. Even if the door has a rubber seal around the edge, after a while the rubber could perish, making it ineffective at keeping the cold air out.

There are a number of ways you can go about doing this. One of the simplest ways would be to get a draught excluder. This is a long cushioned wedge you can place under the door to stop the cold air getting into the room. Whilst this can make a difference, it can become quite an annoying solution, especially if you are tight for space around your front door. If you’ve got a draught excluder on your front door, it can really get in the way every time you need to go outside.

Alternatively, you can get replacement seals for your doors, which adds a new piece of rubber seal around the edge. This is done to reduce the chances of large gaps for draughts to come through. Whilst this is an effective solution, it also may take a while to get it perfect. The door itself may create draughts and if you have glass panels in, they may worsen the cold air flow even further.

draughts front doorGetting a New Front Door to stop Draughts

The best option to stop a draught altogether, is to invest in a brand new front door altogether. This is the best way to ensure the draughts aren’t able to get in at all. Not to mention you’ll also be improving the look of your home in the process. With a new composite door and framework you will be able to enjoy a completely sealed unit.

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