Why Regular Window Maintenance is Key

Windows are an essential part of every home or building. By providing natural light and ventilation they improve the overall aesthetics and value of your property. In order for your windows to last as long as possible, and maintain their functionality, they need a certain amount of regular maintenance.  The good news is that keeping your windows in good condition is relatively simple! Let’s discuss the benefits and why regular window maintenance is key.

Importance of Regular Window Maintenance

Through regular maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your windows. Tasks as simple as giving the frames and glass a wipe with some soapy warm water or checking for cracks in the frames are often all you need to do. If you do notice any issues with your windows be sure to get in touch with some local professionals to make the necessary fixes. Carrying out regular checks will ensure that any damage you find, you do so early! This will save your pockets when it comes to repairs.

Why Regular Window Maintenance is Key

Energy Saving

Regular maintenance is also important in ensuring you get the most out of your investment in terms of energy savings. One of the biggest appealing factors to upgrading your windows is the savings that come with it. Carrying out regular checks of your window seals will allow you to notice and prevent draughts, which can lead to increased heating and cooling costs if left unattended. A properly sealed window will aid in temperature regulation and consistency, meaning you are having to adjust the thermostat less.

Kerb Appeal

Another reason why regular window maintenance is important is due to its impact on your property’s kerb appeal. A build-up of dirt, cobwebs or mould will never look good on a home. Promoting a clear and well-looked-after home is essential if you’re looking to boost the kerb appeal of your property.

Benefits of Regular Window Maintenance

Dirty or damaged windows can lead to a decrease in the indoor air quality of your property, especially if mould is being produced. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent the growth of mildew and other harmful pollutants from entering your home. Mould and mildew can have various effects on the body, many of which are respiratory problems. This has been very well publicised recently in the news!

Why Regular Window Maintenance is Key

How to Properly Maintain Your Windows

Cleaning should obviously be a regular part of your building maintenance. Using a soft, non-abrasive soap and a soft cloth you can easily remove dirt and grime from the glass and frames. In order to avoid water spots or streaks, make sure you rinse the windows thoroughly and dry them with a clean cloth.

We also recommend you lubricate hinges and tracks annually. This will ensure that you can open and close your windows smoothly. We recommend using a silicone-based lubricant as to avoid damage to the PVCu frames. To apply, you should open your windows as far as possible in order to expose the internal mechanisms. From this position, you should spray two to three times then repeatedly open and close the windows to ensure all the parts are fully lubricated. If there is any excess, make sure that it is wiped away and not left on the PVCu frame. Remember to take care when applying the substance to avoid any damage and leaks on your furnishings.

Window glass can sometimes appear hazy, no matter how much you clean them. One of the most popular problems that people have with their double-glazed windows is getting condensation in between the panes of glass. If you are seeing this, it means that your double glazing has failed. This can also be known as a blown double-glazing unit.

If you are wanting to learn some new and effective cleaning techniques feel free to check out some of our other blogs. This one on the best cleaning hacks you need to try and another on tips for cleaning new windows are great places to start.

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Well-maintained windows will make your home a more comfortable one to live in. The combination of temperature regulation with the reduction in noise pollution can provide a more peaceful living environment. The windows help make a house a home, it is important they are well-maintained.

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Hopefully, you now realise why regular window maintenance is key. Feel free to conduct these checks yourself. However, if you want to be certain the job is done correctly, ask a professional for assistance.